Genking has a variety of Lighting And Electrical with products ranging from solar street lights, infrared bulb, 3 way surge protector, solar inverter, headlamp, ceiling fan,

1 Watt LED Rechargeable Waterproof Head Lamp
1 Watt LED Rechargeable Waterproof Head Lamp

Headlamp Features:

New model. Build-in rechargeable battery, no need any other external battery, lighter than other headlamp

Suitable for outdoor sport, outdoor activities, such as hunting, cycling, climbing, and camping

Suitable for most indoor like home maintenance and outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, night flying, map reading, sailing, caving and hunting.

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120w Solar Street Light
120w Solar Street Light

120W Solar Street Light
All-in-one design and charged by solar, so the lighting kits are completely wireless and easy to be mounted

Features of the solar street light:

  • Very easy to install, IP65 Waterproof and stunning quality for outdoor and indoor flood light.
  • Provide bright and wide beam distribution light for general purpose flood night lighting.
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly, no any pollution to environment.
  • High efficiency, low light decay.
  • ・Wide range of lighting.
    ・Mounts applications on wall, pole, etc( without any shelter).
    ・To light up your garden, hallway, flowerbeds, pillar, deck, yard, patio, or driveway and other outdoor area.

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120watts Solar Street Lights
120watts Solar Street Lights

Our All in One Integrated Solar Street Lights are designed to save you from high electricity bills. Flexible and easy to use the street light is easy to install.

Solar Street Light Features
No need for extra cables.
All-in-one Integrated design – Solar, LED street light, controller and battery in one housing.
Sensitive motion sensor and Night sensor.
Powered by Solar energy.
Intelligent and energy-saving.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy to ship, install and maintain.
Inbuilt lithium-ion batteries in the light casing.
High-efficiency LED light.
Remote Control.

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13cm, 1 LED, With Strap, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch
13cm, 1 LED, With Strap, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch

Main Features:
Small size, easy to carry
3 optional brightness to choose
USB port, easy to charge

● Push the plug out when charging and insert it directly in 5V socket, and charge indicator will be light. Full charging time needs 2 – 3 hours.
● While using, press the button for transforming 3 modes in turns.
● The flashlight can be lighted continuously for about 12 hours at low brightness, for 2 – 3 hours at high brightness.

● When the light is dim, please charge it immediately (Please keep charging once every two months). Otherwise it will affect the life seriously.
● Do not use it when charging. Otherwise it would burn the electric elements.

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13cm, 4 LED, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch
13cm, 4 LED, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch

  • This is very useful rechargeable torch it can be used in House, Outdoor, Picnic, Hiking. It comes with tors & COB lights with bright reflectors, which gives more light. It has 5 Watt Led. This product can also be charged.
  • The product works for Long Duration 6 Hours. With built in Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery.
  • LED: 1 piece 4 watt LED on top, COB LED with Bright Reflectors for bright light. Functional illustrations are given on the box of the product and the Photo.
  • The additional feature  on side is very useful when there is no electricity, as the powerful COB reflectors give more light in wide area
  • It has a handle to effectively handle the product. Two way switch operation in order to use the tube light or the Torch. Nylon Strap is given which can be attached to the Torch for effective handling.

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150w Solar Street Light
150w Solar Street Light

– Outdoor wall or pole in Plaza, Park, Garden, Courtyard, Street, Walkway, Pathway, Campus, Farm, Perimeter Security etc.
– Solar battery charging, zero charging.
– Easy installation ,without wires
– The 280LEDs,High-brightness LED lamp beads, the green and energy saving.
– High quality batteries, long service life large capacity.
– Aluminum alloy body, prevent bask in rain.
– Super strong infrared remote control receiving.
–  IP67 waterproof.
– 8m distance wireless remote control.
– Polycrystalline Solar Panel convert solar energy into electricity, more environmentally friendly.
– Human body sensing technology makes it more energy-efficient, light on when sensing motion, dim light when sensing no motion.
Installation method:
1. To adjust the desired pattern
2. The lamp mounted to the Arm Adjusting
inner six angle screw (Solar panels toward the sun)
3. The arm is mounted to the wall or pole

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150watts Solar Street Lights
150watts Solar Street Lights

150watts solar street light automatically charge itself in the day time and power itself in the night also have a remote control. 150W Solar LED Street Light is a fully solar powered lighting solution used in urban roads, building surroundings, parks, squares, airports and gas stations. LED luminaire on the system is designed with high light output.

The aluminum body helps to effectively cool the lighting fixture. The entire system is suitable for working in outdoor conditions, resistant to water, dust, and moisture. Lighting fixture, battery, solar panel, charge control unit and connection equipment are located on the system. Light can be produced at any color temperature according to the lighting needs.

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15cm, 1 LED, With Strap, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch
15cm, 1 LED, With Strap, 2 Stage Switch – Rechargeable Torch

Key Features:

  • Compact size with powerful performance:  providing you a new flagship-level illumination experience.
  • Convenient L-dock included: can be attached to or fixed (3M tape included) on a wall or table indoors that is close to a power source, providing a dedicated charging location
  • Visual display indicators on both sides of the switch: the four indicators on the right side clearly display the battery level and the four on the left side display the brightness level.
  • Milled finger grooves and dermatoglyphic silicone are used on the surface of the holding position, making it soft and anti-slip.
  • Customized high capacity rechargeable battery: currently the highest battery in its size for great runtimes.

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16.5cm, 1+12 LED Side Light, With Strap – Rechargeable Spotlight
16.5cm, 1+12 LED Side Light, With Strap – Rechargeable Spotlight

Product details:

  • Upto 8 hrs Backup with both bulb, and Up to more than 12 hrs. Backup with single Bulb.
  • Supports Mobile charging also. (like Power bank).
  • Higher Battery capacity and the LED torch body is made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • High-quality reflector provides excellent brightness

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