DC Air Compressor With Tool Kit


Air Compressor Specifications:

? Voltage 12V DC ? Power 180W
? Max Amperage 15A
? Max Pressure 150 PSI
? Displacement 35 L/min
? Duration 10 min.

Air Compressor Features:

? Compact 6.2” x 4.5”, heavy duty metal, non-slip handle
? High accuracy Tire Pressure Gauge
? 20-foot cable-hose length consists of 10-ft copper cord cable,
9-ft extension coil air hose, 1-ft rubber air hose.
? Anti-slip, anti-vibration rubber base
? Backup Fuse
? 3 Inflation Tips for bikes, motorcycles, balls, sports equipment and other inflatables
? Thermal Overload Protector – shuts off automatically after 10 min. to prevent overheating of unit
? Battery Clamp for direct connection to battery and power source replacement.

Operating Instructions:
1. Turn on car engine. Insert power plug into cigarette lighter power socket
(or, alternatively, connect battery clamp to car battery).
2. Insert inflator into tire valve stem (connect extension coil air hose if needed).
3. Turn air compressor switch on and wait until desired air pressure is attained.
4. Turn off compressor. Remove inflator from valve stem and replace valve cover.

Double Bonus:
Universal Tubeless Tire Repair Kit (for temporary, emergency repairs only!) & Carry Case
(stores all Air Compressor Set and Tire Repair Kit components)

8-piece Tire Repair Kit includes:
? Long nose plier (Sharp Nose Pliers)
? Slotted screwdriver
? Phillips screwdriver
? Spiral Shaft (Tire rasp tool)
? Insertion tool (The needle)
? Utility knife
? Glue (Rubber cement)
? 3 Plugging Cords (3 Red plug strips)

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  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Cash on Delivery available

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? SUPERIOR SECURITY PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR PUMP is a must for every driver! Don’t let a flat tire leave you stranded. This high quality tire inflator portable air pump for car comes replete with a high accuracy tire pressure gauge, backup fuse for lighter, non-slip handle, and battery clamp for connecting the unit directly to the car battery (for use when the cigarette lighter socket is fused to below 15V).
? PREMIUM MATERIALS & QUALITY ENGINEERING TEAM UP for a durable product that’s made to last! All components are made of heavy duty metal or hard plastic. The electric tire pump air compressor for car features a unique heatsink and heat shield design. The Thermal Overload Protector shuts the compressor off automatically after 10 minutes to prevent overheating and resultant damage to the unit. Anti-slip, anti-vibration and shock-absorbent rubber base prevents noise and wear-and-tear.
? COMPACT FAST WORKING POWERHOUSE PRODUCT boasts powerful direct drive motor, producing 150 PSI max tire pressure and an impressive 35 L/min air flow. 180W pump inflates a medium-sized car tire from flat to 35 PSI in a mere 2-3 minutes, or 3-4 tires within a single 10-minute operation! And all this in an unassumingly compact 6.2” x 4.5” unit that is hassle-free, perfectly portable, and smart to store.
? SIMPLE TO USE & VERSATILE, the 1-foot Rubber Air Hose, 9-foot yellow PVC Coiled Air Hose with Quick Connect Valve, and 10-foot Copper Power Cord Cable combine for a generous total of 20 feet in cable-hose length! Reaches front and back tires of all cars, trucks and SUVs. With the 3 inflation tips included, the compressor will also inflate bikes, motorcycles, balls, air mattresses, sports equipment and other inflatables.
? FREE DOUBLE BONUS UNIVERSAL TIRE REPAIR KIT & CARRY CASE complete this superb set! All components of the tire air compressor pump and this 8-piece tubeless flat tire repair kit fit neatly into the black heavy-duty plastic carrying/storage case, which measures 13.4” x 7.5”. Tire repair set includes long nose plier, slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, tire rasp tool, insertion tool, utility knife, rubber cement and 3 plug strips.

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